38 Natural Ways to Improve Male Fertility

There are many natural ways to improve male fertility

Infertility is an issue that affects approximately 1 in 6 couples in New Zealand.

Of these:

  • approximately 35% of infertility is a problem solely of the female
  • another 35% is a problem solely with the male
  • in about 25% of cases there is a problem found in both male and female
  • only about 3.5% of infertility is unexplained once a thorough evaluation of both partners has been conducted.

Infertility is a major crisis for many couples, and is a cause of stress, grief, despair, frustration and sometimes even anger; all of which can place a strain on the relationships.

So, what are the possible causes of male infertility?

There are two parts to male fertility – potency (ability to have erection and penetrate the partner) and fertility (quantity and quality of sperm).

Erectile disorders

Many men have issues gaining and maintaining a sufficient erection to penetrate their partner. This is called erectile dysfunction or disorder. There can be two main types of causes – psychological or organic.

Psychological erectile disorders

This is often due to stress or anxiety. It could be general stress or anxiety in life, or stress and anxiety around the intimacy or sexual act – “performance anxiety.”

Organic erectile disorders

These could be due to injury or the nerves in the pelvic area that relate to erection, or other structural issues relating to the penis.

Fertility issues

On the other hand, there may be a problem with the sperm – either insufficient sperm (azoospermia or oligospermia), or abnormal sperm, such as micro-deletions of the Y-chromosome (the male part of the potential baby’s genetic code), or poor sperm motility (ability to swim through the female canal).

Causes may include:

  • Heavy alcohol or drug intake
  • Heavy smoking
  • Obesity
  • Oxidative stress from UV exposure, excessive exercise, poor nutrition
  • And many other possible causes.

How to improve male libido and fertility

Except where there are severe organic causes, there is a lot you can do to improve fertility.



Manage stress

1. Go on holiday
Many couples find that they conceive on holiday! This shows that being able to relax and release stress helps a lot, especially with erectile disorders due to stress and anxiety.

2. Find ways to manage your stress and relax after work. Stress is the main thing that plays a major role in fertility of men (and women).

3. Try doing meditation daily for at least 15-20 minutes, to reduce your stress levels.



Healthy diet

4. Reduce sugar
Today’s lifestyle improves sugar levels in almost 20%-30% people. Reducing sugar and having healthy diet is necessary which includes fruits; green veggies, berries and excludes wheat and other grains.

5. Use limited caffeine
Lots of energy drinks or sport drinks intake can harm fertility. Also one cup coffee should be limit during conceiving process.

6. Avoid having plenty of coke or other soda
Coca cola and other sodas having lots of sugar and caffeine in it that reduces sperm count.

7. Eat red fruits and veggies
A red food includes fruits like tomatoes, berries, and cherries which can help in improving sperm count. Studies found that it can improve up to 70% in number of sperms.

8. Use garlic in your food
A proper amount of garlic should be used in everyday food preparations that improves blood circulations to the sex organ in male body and helps in improving sperm count.

9. Have goji berries, bananas, pumpkin seeds
Goji berries work as a magic on sperm even one is not having sperm at all they don’t have to worry this berries can get you fertility back in couple of months. Just have 1⁄2oz every day.
Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals in it. They are good in making your penis healthy.
Pumpkin seeds are very healthy they contain lots of vitamins like B, C and calcium, potassium. All these vitamins help in having healthy sperms.

10. Have oysters
Oysters are helpful in increasing your sperm count as well as it enhances your
sexual greed. It’s full of zinc that helps sperms become active.

11. Have dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contain some antioxidants and arginine that makes them sexual active and it’s a natural sperm enhancer.

12. Have lots of veggie
Veggies help a lot in improving sperm count. All meals should include half veggie and half of what you want. That makes your body healthy to have a healthy baby.

13. Stay hydrated
Sperms are made of water and dehydration leads to lower sperm count. So keep yourself hydrated all the time.

14. Avoid sour and spicy food as heat in the body kills sperms.

15. Milk with cardamom, almonds, poppy seeds, saffron is good.

16. Flaxseed oil—Take 1 tbsp. Daily Is a source of essential fatty acids.

17. Don’t eat plenty canned food
The cans used for canned food are coated internally with BPA or resin since 1960s. The chemicals used in canned food can be the reason behind increase in cancer and heart disease in people.

18. Avoid alcohol
Reduce alcohol intake when you are trying to conceive, make a limit that you should not exceed. Actually alcohol doesn’t play major role but still a little effect it gives in lowering sperm count.



Be comfortable

19. Avoid hot baths
Too much hot bath can affect your fertility. A person who is taking half an hour hot bath regularly can loss fertility for long time.

20. Have cold showers
Cold showers help in many ways to human body. It reduces stress level, gives good sleep which is very helpful in improving sperm count.

21.  Avoid super tight undergarments
Wearing briefs is a good habit because that keeps your genital area away from body and keep its temperature down than the temperature of your body that helps in giving quality sperm.

Reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields

22. Don’t use laptop on your lap.
Use a pillow or laptop desk to use your laptop. Because when you use it in your lap it exceeds heat which plays a vital role in reducing sperms.

23. Stay away from Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi also works in sperm loss. More Wi-Fi exposure in men affects motility and morphology of sperm.

24. Stay away from cell phone
Cell phone is device work on electromagnetic waves and those waves are really harmful. Having a cell phone in your pocket next to your private area is not a good habit; the waves affect your sperm.

25. Try to watch less TV
A person who is watching a TV approx. 15-20 hours weekly is with low sperm count than one who is not watching TV at all.

Avoid Toxicity

26. Avoid much use of plastic
It’s hard to avoid plastic, because we are surrounded by plastic elements. Some chemicals that come with plastic like BPA and Phthalates are harmful for our body. It plays major role on one’s sperm count.

27. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals
As already mentioned harmful chemicals should be avoided that we use in cleaning our house and other stuff every day. Find some eco-friendly products that don’t harm your body. Try to use organic products as much as you can instead of harmful pesticides or cleaning products.

28. Avoid touching receipts
Avoid touching receipts if possible, or have food after washing your hands. Receipts are also coated with BPA. Research demonstrates that people who eat straight after dealing with receipts have low sperm count afterwards.

29. Avoid use of plastic sex toys
Use glass, silicon and green sex toys rather than using plastic sex toys, which contain Phthalates-like chemicals that can harm your fertility.

30. Avoid non-stick pans and raincoats
Both the things having a chemical called perfluoralkyl, which harms ones sperm count.

31. Avoid smoking
Smoking is another thing that really harms sperm count and so many other damages it cause inside body. So stop smoking first before you plan for having baby.

32. Shower naturally
All the shampoos, soaps, deodorants and so many other things with which we start our day are having Phthalates inside it. One should avoid harmful chemicals to become a father. As already mentioned harmful chemicals should be avoided that we use in cleaning our house and other stuff every day.

33. Check your medications
Some medications can also reduce sperm count like cancer, ulcer, blood pressure, painkillers. So avoid pain killers as much as possible to secure your fertility.



Enjoy exercise and sex

Being more active increases strength, reduces excess weight, and improves testosterone levels.

34. Do exercise regularly
Spend an hour daily for exercise that is good for your fertility. Concentrate on weight loss
Heavy weight is a reason behind your infertility. To become a father one should start from reducing weight. That will help you in having quality sperm and gaining back fertility.

35. Avoid using bike
More athletic activities except cycling can reduce number of sperms in your body, because one spent hours on physical activity in daily practice and that reduce quality of sperm.

36. Enjoy having sex on regular basis
Having sex daily can help in improving sperm count and having quality sperm that can give a healthy baby. Sperm gets older when it stays unused and loss its quality.

37. Relax while having sex
Partners can make lovemaking more relaxed by placing less emphasis on “performance” and the sexual act, and placing more emphasis on enjoying the intimacy and giving each other pleasure.

38. Avoid lubricants
Avoid such lubricant that resists sperms to swim, due to the thickness of lubricant. Couples who are trying to conceive should know this fact.

All these natural ways to improve male fertility will help you make your body healthy enough to produce healthy quality sperm, to have a healthy baby in your hands, not just during pregnancy and after birth, but it plays a major role in baby’s health throughout lifetime. Many people believe that only moms need to be healthy to have a healthy baby, but dads also need to do the same prior to planning for a baby.

For best results, men should be implementing these tips at least 3 months before planned conception.

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