Natural Fertility Programs

ayurvedic natural fertility and intimacy

Is fertility an issue for you?

Ayurvedic natural fertility programs can help you achieve your dreams. Fertility problems are pretty common nowadays. Many people struggle with conceiving and thus have to try treatments and therapies to be able to conceive. There is a more natural approach that can be tried before resorting to conventional medicine and fertility treatments – the Ayurvedic natural fertility approach.

You can benefit from a holistic approach, as will your baby. You may find you have an easier pregnancy, easier birth, and both mother and baby will be better nourished.

In order to improve fertility naturally, your diet needs to be examined. What are your food choices? What are your eating habits? Are you stressed when you eat? At Ultimate Ayurveda you will learn that your diet choices have a direct impact on fertility and the health of a baby.

*”Hi Dr Priya,
I got my blood results yesterday, the HCG hormones did show in number and the nurse confirmed a positive test. It is all because of you.
I actually had lost all my hopes, when I came to you with that infection, I tried everything, allopath, homeopath, Chinese medicine.. But none of these work long term. The infection was back as soon as I stopped the medicine. It was your medicine that actually started showing results and maintained them, even if I forgot to take them or had to stop them. My infection started to vanish after the first week of taking your medicine and finally I don’t have it anymore.
The infection was effecting my personal life, we could not even think of planning a baby, as it was out of question with this infection interfering. But I am so thankful to you for all that you did and helped me through the most difficult times.
Thanks a lot!!”

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Vital Lady and Vital Man

healthy-fertilisationA good holistic preconception care programme involves getting both partners into the best possible physical and mental state. This optimizes your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy that goes to full term.

Research suggests that a 3-4 months holistic programme of healthy living assists couples to conceive in a shorter time span. It further minimizes the risk of miscarriage, and maximizes your chances of creating a baby who is well and healthy.

It is important to know which foods and herbs nourish all seven tissues of the body and as well as boost your reproductive ability and natural fertility.

Role of exercise & stress with ovulation

Do you know Exercise is a great natural fertility booster. Walking just 20-30 minutes a day is beneficial to your health. Both men and women should be taking part in an exercise program to boost fertility. For some, just losing a few pounds boosts their fertility enough that they conceive faster.

The female fertility cycle needs to be regular for conception to happen. Most women have 28-34 day cycles. Ovulation usually occurs between day 12 and day 16 of a woman’s cycle. Knowing your cycle is an important factor. Keep a record of your cycles with charts. This can be very helpful in diagnosing a problem if one should arise.

Whatever you have to do to conceive, just stay positive and do not let the stress get you down. Stress is a tough thing to deal with. Stay together as a couple and be each other’s strength and it will happen. Just remember what is at the end of all of this: a happy, healthy baby.

*”My experience with Dr. Priya Punjabi: I visited her for infertility in month of September and took treatment for only 1 month. We had been trying for a baby for last 3 years but it didn’t work. Then a friend of mine told us about Dr. Priya, we met her, and she helped us in 3 weeks.
I had a history of failed IVF treatments but now I am happy because I am 5 weeks pregnant! Thanks to Priya!”

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What Ayurveda suggests for natural fertility

  • Change your lifestyle.
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol if you do.
  • Add nutritional values through good diet. Cut down on caffeine. Add more fresh, natural, and organic foods in diet. Eat less preservative.
  • Have a physical assessment with your health care provider.
  • Try to reduce the need for medications if possible.
  • Detoxify your system.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Create a stress free & positive atmosphere in your surroundings. Learn Stress release techniques
  • Exercise for physical health, as well as mental health.
  • Learn specific Yoga & Pranayama (breathing) programme for fertility.

*“Today I got first scan done…I could see baby’s heartbeat…thanks to you Priya ji”
“Hi Dr Priya, Everything is going fine. ….. taking medicines for most of them. 10 weeks pregnant now, ……”

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How ayurvedic herbs can help natural fertility

  • Increase circulation to the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.
  • Break up adhesions and scar tissue in the fallopian tubes and reproductive system.
  • Bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the eggs, helping to nourish and increase egg health.
  • Help the body to rid itself of old stagnant blood and tissues remaining from endometriosis and sluggish menstruation.
  • Promote hormonal balance by strengthening the feedback loop between the pituitary, hypothalamus, and ovaries ovaries which controls the levels of hormones produced.
  • Help to clear congestion which may show up as cramping during menstruation, ovarian pains, cysts, endometriosis, and unexplained infertility.
  • Help restore natural balance to your body.
  • Feel more connected emotionally and spiritually.
  • Include natural and holistic support on your fertility journey.
  • Decrease the stress hormones that dominate and allow the wisdom of the body to create a safe place for creating a baby.

*“Hello Dr Priya. Hw are you. hope gud. I Just wanted to tell you that iam preganant for sure nw. I did the blood test as well and it was positive. So we both are really happy about that but just not showing because of what happen to me last time. Anyway inside Iam really really happy. Just waitin for you to come back then we can talk.
Also wanted to say thank you for everything you done for us.
Catch you later.”

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Ayurvedic natural fertility solutions with Dr Priya

  • Supporting you at any stage of treatment, including:
  • Pre/Post Embryo Transfer
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Preparation for Implantation or Transfer
  • Tubal blocks
  • Fibroids
  • Hypothyroid and Hormonal Issues
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Uterine Recovery From Multiple IUI or IVF Treatments
  • Miscarriage Recovery

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Treatment: Fertility/ Endometriosis.

*”We visited Dr Priya as our last resort.

We had been trying to 10 years with no success. We got all the medical help that was available, some even a couple of times each. In doing so we spent tens of thousands of dollars.

None of the Doctors could say what the problem was, as there was nothing severely wrong with me and my husband was perfectly fine. It was a  mystery for everyone.

My sister had unbelievable results with Dr Priya 2 years ago on a different issue. So I decided I should visit her.

When we visited Dr Priya she looked at our history( with the medical treatments) and said she can’t promise anything but will DO her best.

At first, it was really difficult for me to follow the routine she gave me but she was trying hard for me so I had to put in all my effort. I trusted her and took whatever she gave me.

We started in Aug 2010, followed a suggested diet, Pranayam and took all medications without miss. We were seriously devoted to prayers at the same time.
At the end of January, we were successful.

Dr Priya has been very supportive. She is always available to answer questions and responds promptly.
She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel special rather than just a client.

We are now 18 weeks and everything is fine and normal.

We are always going to be grateful to Dr Priya for making us very happy. This is my first experience with Ayurvedic medicine and I am now converted! I will encourage anyone to seek Ayurvedic medicine and there is no better Ayurvedic Doctor in NZ than Dr Priya.”

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*”The following is to testify that Dr.Priya has made my dream of being a mother come true.

My name is Era Singh and I met Dr Priya two and a half years ago, where I got to know about her profession.

My case of polycystic ovary syndrome at that time was at its worst level. I had gone through second trimester miscarriage and was not able to conceive after that. My cycles being irregular and many times waiting for two, three even four months. I this situation I gained over 10kgs from my normal weight as well. Before I met Dr Priya I had tried going to the gym, dieting, and every medications from doctors in New Zealand (with gynecologist suggesting the surgical options).

Two years ago Dr Priya started my treatment, diagnosing my case perfectly with her skills and experience. With her exceptional skill of pulse diagnose, Dr Priya was able to pinpoint exactly what my body type is, and my state of mind.The she gave me Ayurvedic medicines, clear instructions about diet and lifestyle. Dr Priya gave me full attention through monthly visits, body relaxing massages and reviewing my situation on each visit. Within the year I found several positive changes in my body; firstly my cycles were coming back to normal; secondly I has stopped gaining weight; and thirdly I was feeling light, happy and enjoying life.

As I was getting back on track, during the second year of treatment Dr Priya started with Ayurvedic medicines that enriched my ovaries, and worked on body cleansing. Thanks to Dr Priya’s hard work and the grace of God, I am now on my family way.

Apart from Dr Priya’s experience and qualification, the best thing about her is the way she relates with her patients. She is an excellent listener and puts the patient at ease. She has been extremely encouraging and has been instrumental in pulling me out of near depression. I would strongly recommend Dr Priya to anyone looking for a healthy family life. Even if you do not have any illness, Dr Priya can advise you on a better living style with a combination of good food and Yoga.

Wishing Dr Priya successes in her profession.”

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*Disclaimer: Please note that specific results are not guaranteed, and may vary from case to case.