Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage has been used for thousands of years, not only to relax tired muscles, but also to improve health and treat disease. Body therapies are an important part of an ayurvedic health plan.

Ayurvedic massage techniques are based on 107 neuromuscular junctions (Marma Points Theory); it not only gives you relaxation but also removes toxins from deep tissues and cleanses body and rejuvenates the systems.

Each body point is related with an internal organ and has specific indications. Various oils, herbal powders, herbal pastes, cooked rice boluses are used for massage depending on the specific conditions of the body.

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*”I wish to convey my compliments to you and your team. I have had 2 massages and it was an experience one would prefer to get on a regular basis. The energy I now have after just 2 massages is phenomenal. Such excellent service that I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to your clinic.”

*Disclaimer: Please note that specific results are not guaranteed, and may vary from case to case.