From: Nij**
28th January 2007

Hi this is Ni***
When i first met Priya Punjabi which was last year i think in August. I was a little shy and nervous.  I was not confident about what I was doing.  I thought that this was certainly not going to work and that I was drinking medicines for nothing.  But every time now that I go to Priya Punjabi, my mum is always seeing some improvement and so is Priya Punjabi, and me myself so I know that because now i am being patient and doing as Priya Punjabi says I have all 100% confident that this will get better thanks to Priya Punjabi.  I am also happy with my face now because everyone we visit tsays 'Wow look at you, you look amazing', and i love to hear that.  So I have learnt from this that all I have to do to get better with the medicines is be PATIENT!