From: Mrs Kha***
Wed, 10th September 2008

Hi Priyaji,

how are you as I am feeling very very good and now I am more concentrating on my house work because before it was hard for me to do this as my joints and body was paining and itching. Thanks for coming to you and your medicine that I am taking has helped me a lot and now I am feeling good and can do any job no worries and no tension. Your medicine is very good and top of that you are good. see you soon................................

Mrs. Kha****



From: Dak***
Mon , 21st April 2008

Hello Dr. Priya,

My psoriasis is healing and all clearing up. All the white spots are
fading slowly too. I cannot believe that the medicine really worked.


Hello Dr Priya,

How are you. I am not too good with words but what you have done for me is amazing. I am the kind of a person who is slack and like to take things slow. After my first visit to you clinic, I am much more aware about everything i do in my life. The "shock treatment" really worked very well with me hahaha. I never knew what psoriasis could do and how it could affect me later on. I am thankfull to you for making me aware and giving me the best advise ever. The medicines are working great for me and so is diet, but ocassinally i do feel like having a pizza  . In short you are very helpful compared to the other doctors i have been to regarding my condition. Thank you so much for caring for me and helping me out.