From: R****
Sat,5th July 2007

Hi doctor,
This is specially for you. Firstly I would like to thank you for helping me so much and treating me just like your daughter.
I started my treatment with doctor Priya in mid March this year. I was suffering from a cycsts in my ovaries which had taken quite a bad shape. I was put on contraceptives by a few doctors for about 3 years. I was then told that I had lost complete fertility and that I would never be able to concieve again. It was very painful for me as I am still very young. When I came back to Auckland, Dr Priya was recommended to me. I went to her for a consultation and ever since then I have been going to her regularly. Her medicines has worked wonders and now my condition is almost perfect. It has been a miracle. My cycles have become regular and I feel healthy too. She has not only been an excellent doctor, but also been an excellent listener and a friend. She has helped boost my confidence to a very high level and helped me feel better about myself. Her yoga classes and pranayam classes have also helped me stablize my life. She has been of a great help. Without her treatment and help I wouldn't here today.
She is an excellent doctor and an amazing person, full of life and positive enegry. If you go to her, I can assure you, you will come out feeling better, healthier, cured and a better person.
Once again I would like to thank Dr Priya for helping me so much.

My endometriose (cyst on the ovary) shrinked a bit and I said to the doctor the ayurvedic treatment I took with you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you again in Auckland when I’ll come back.