From: Dij*****
Wed, Sept 10, 2008

Hi Dr Priya

I would like to say "Thank You" for all the help and treatment that you have provided me in regards to my Gout problems. I had one of the worst attacks of Gout and after taking you Detox Programme over the 10 days it was excellent.

It not only helped in the purification of my body but also helped in my relaxation and stress. This over the 10 plus days I also managed to reduce my weight by 5-6kgs and which I will be working on to reduce further.

I was very impressed with your professionalism and also not to forget to mention Joy who massages extremely well. Over the 10 days I also had the most wonderful sleep.

I would like to say that I fully support and recommend to anyone to take on this Detox Programme plus if you have any health problems go and see Dr Priya and make a judgment for yourself

Once again thank you and best of luck in your new premises

Kind Regards


From: Ke***
Sat , 23rd June 2008

Dr. Priya,

I am feeling better. Do you think patient can recover from Gout.

I am so glad to get your advise. Thank  you so much!


From: Ra*
Sat , 27th November 2005

The following is to testify that Dr.Priya is curing my illness.
My name is R** and I met Dr.Priya at Deepavali function, she asked me to come to her clinic.
I had a long term illness 'GOUT' and suffering from this for the past 8 years. I took all types of allopathic medicines, but no improvement. The Gout got aggravated for the past 6 months with frequent painful attacks, swelling of joints on hand and toes. Also I can't walk freely, bend my knees like  a old man and get very tired even if walk short distance. There was stiffness in my joints, when I sit for long time, I can't stand up and also can't sit on floor. I had to take pain killers a lot because of pain.
Dr.Priya in the first appointment, diagnosed my illness perfectly with her skills and experience. She pin pointed exactly what my body type is, what state of mind I have etc. by pulse diagnosis. Then she gave me Ayurvedic medicines and give clear instructions about diet and life style.
Just in two days after taking the medicines, I felt improvement, my stiffness in my knees gone and I was able to walk freely. In another couple of weeks, I could feel the difference in my health. I was feeling very light and brisk, was able to walk faster, focus on my work and overall general well being. In two weeks at the end of first course of treatment, I never had single Gout attack. Now I feel terrific improvement in my health. I feel young and brisk. Again I saw Dr.Priya to continue the treatment to further rejuvenate my body.
I thank Dr.Priya for her absolutely correct diagnosis and treatment to recover my good health. Also she is a friendly and caring person.
I highly recommend to anyone Dr.Priya to live a healthy and happy life, this testimonial being the proof of actually what happened after taking the treatment. Also the treatment is absolutely safe and there are no side effects.
I also wish Dr.Priya all success in her profession.
Thank you.