From: A****  K******
Date: Monday 16th April 2007

My name is As**** and I was recommended to Dr. Priya by my friend about 10 months ago.

I’ve been taking contraception pills for 2 years. My menstruation cycle was irregular after I stopped taking pills.  I’ve had 2 years of secondary infertility.

I was referred to Fertility Plus by my GP. I didn’t have any history of pelvic infection or pelvic surgery & have been taking Folic Acid. My Uterus was found to be normal size, retroverted, mobile & there were no adnexal masses. Thyroid tests were normal & so were prenatal screening tests.

I started seeing Dr. Priya in July last year. Dr Priya with her skills & experience and using psychological & physical test together with pulse diagnosis was able to give me ayurvedic medicines. She advised me what are the “do’s” & “don’ts”. Just after seeing Dr. Priya for over 4 months I found out that I was Pregnant.

Dr. Priya has been a very good listener and encouraging. She relates to her patients very well & always made us feel positive. I’m glad that I’ve seen her & strongly recommend others not only for fertility problems but also for healthy life style.

Thanks again Dr. Priya.

A*** K******


Hi Priya,
How are you?.  I have a good news to share with you. I am pregnant and got confirmed it from my doctor.
Just wanted to say a heart full thanks for your efforts and advices you have given us.
Thanks again!!