From: Era S****
Date: Sat, 4th February 2005

The following is to testify that Dr.Priya has made my dream of being a mother come true.

My name is Era S**** and I met Dr Priya two and a half years ago,  where I got to know about her profession.

My case of polycystic ovary syndrome at that time was at it worst level.  I had gone through a second trimester miscarriage and was not able to conceive after that.  My cycles being irregular and many a times waiting for two, three even four months.   In this situation I gained over 10kgs from my normal weight as well.  Before I met Dr Priya I had tried going to gym, dieting, and every medications from doctors in New Zealand (with gynecologist suggesting the surgical options).

Two years ago Dr Priya started my treatment diagnosing my case perfectly with her skills and experience. With her exceptional skill of pulse diagnosis, Dr Priya was able to pin point exactly what my body type is, and my state of mind. Then she gave me Ayurvedic medicines, clear instructions about diet and life style.  Dr. Priya gave me full attention through monthly visits, body relaxing massages and reviewing my situation on each visit.  Within the year I found several positive changes in my body, firstly my cycles were coming back to normal,  secondly I had stopped gaining weight and thirdly I was feeling light, happy, and enjoying life.

As I was getting back on track, during the second year of treatment Dr Priya started with Ayurvedic medicines that enriched my ovaries, and worked on body cleansing.  Thankx to Dr Priya's hard work and the grace of God, I am now on my family way.

Apart from Dr Priya 's experience and qualifications the best thing about her is the way she relates with her patients.  She is an excellent listener and puts the patient ease.  She has been extremely encouraging and has been instrumental in pulling me out of a near depression.

I would strongly recommend Dr Priya to anyone looking for a healthy family life.  Even if you do not have any illness, Dr Priya can advise you on a better living style with a combination of good food and Yoga.

Wishing Dr Priya successes in her profession.

Era S****



Good morning!!
Yes i did the home preg test yesturday afternoon and today morning both came POSITIVE :)

Hi Dr priya How are you? Here some of the pics of my son. He is with us today because of your efforts and the blessings of allah. Thanks for everything you did to us.


HI Dr Priya,


I got my blood results yesterday, the HCG hormones did show in number and the nurse confirmed a positive test. It is all because of you.

I actually had lost all my hopes, when I came to you with that infection, I tried everything, allopath, homeopath, Chinese medicine.. But none of these work long term.  The infection was back as soon as I stopped the medicine. It was your medicine that actually started showing results and maintained them, even if I forgot to take them or had to stop them. My infection started to vanish after the first week of taking your medicine and finally I don’t have it anymore.

The infection was effecting my personal life, we could not even think of planning a baby, as it was out of question with this infection interfering. But I am so thankful to you for all that you did and helped me through the most difficult times.

Thanks a lot!!

Kind Regards,


Good Morning Priya ji,
Today morning I did test and it looks I need to reconfrim with doctor here...?
before that I would like to thank u tons......because of your treatment  I can see some positive results

Thanks Priya extremly grateful to uuuuuu
Its all because of you.....:)...mai aur Kir****aapko jeevan bhar nahi bhul payenge
you are god for me.....sach mai.....

I will keep updating you accordingly...