Hi Priya,

Thanks for your follow-up email. I am a lot healthier now due to your
advice! I have a much better understanding of what types of eating and
habits cause my headaches, and I now only suffer them if I am eating
very poorly. I have made an effort to eat more well-cooked and easily
digestible foods, and I am still taking lemon and honey in the morning,
also aloe vera juice. I only rarely meditate but I'm trying to make it a

Your suggestion that I am probably better suited to creative pursuits
struck a chord, and I'm taking my creative pursuits such as music
composition a little more seriously now. I'm planning to travel to North
America in April, and live in Canada for a change of scene.

I feel that I am making slow but steady progress to a better
equilibrium, my digestion is still very sensitive and I sometimes feel
lethargic but things are a lot better than they used to be. I like the
fact that ayurvedic treatment encourages me to understand myself better.



namaste dear priyaji,

                                      how are you. i always remember you when it comes to health. we don't have any alopathy doctor here. i always use ayurvedic medicine for my family........it has always been benificial to take advice from you, i know it's not just the medicine works but it's your intence caring nature work for us.