From: Cat******
Sat , 6th June 2008

Thanks for those tips Priya.I thought you'd like to know that my cholesterol has come down from 5.4 to 4.4 and I've got rid of the candida with a strict 6 week diet, so thanks for your advice on those problems which are not problems for me anymore! 

Warm wishes




From: Ven***
Wed, 16th May 2007

Hello Doctor

How are you?

Just want to thank you once again for your diet plan, it is really working
well for me and had observed some changes around my tummy area.

I wish to continue with the plan and wish to collect Bhring..for me  and
Bramhi tablets for usha..

Thank you once again and will call you again



Hi Priya 

My Dad rang and said his cholestrol has gone down from 6.5 to 5.4. he said to inform you. I will be coming to see you for my tablets.