HI Dr Priya,
I got my blood results yesterday, the HCG hormones did show in number and the nurse confirmed a positive test. It is all because of you.
I actually had lost all my hopes, when I came to you with that infection, I tried everything, allopath, homeopath, Chinese medicine.. But none of these work long term.  The infection was back as soon as I stopped the medicine. It was your medicine that actually started showing results and maintained them, even if I forgot to take them or had to stop them. My infection started to vanish after the first week of taking your medicine and finally I don’t have it anymore.
The infection was effecting my personal life, we could not even think of planning a baby, as it was out of question with this infection interfering. But I am so thankful to you for all that you did and helped me through the most difficult times.
Thanks a lot!!
PS that I would be sending you emails to ask you questions, that would not be related to my infection anymore… J
Kind Regards,