"Prevention Is Better Than Cure"!

Diet and lifestyle as per your body constitution:

Each food product has some attributes and accordingly it effects bodily elements like dairy products are heavy so they are going to build your heavy tissues in the system so you are going to put on weight naturally. Wild Animal meat is mostly hot in potency and long time intakes of these meats are going to create heat in the mind and body and accordingly person's body will show changes and various disorders. Here is the chart of Attributes and there effects on the body. Ayurveda recommends persons diet and lifestyle should be changed as per the weather and body constitution and present condition.

Attributes and their effects

Qualities of food
Effects on body
Heavy Earth & Water Building
Light Fire, Air, Ether Reducing
Cold Water Stopping/Cooling
Hot Fire Spreading/Heating
Oily Water Moistening
Dry Earth, Fire, Air Absorbing
Dull/Slow Earth & Water Slowing/Pacifying
Sharp/Quick Fire Purifying/Penetrating
Firm Earth Stabilising
Mobile Air Stimulating
Soft Water & Ether Loosening
Hard Earth Hardening
Clear Earth, Fire, Air Cleansing
Sticky Water Adhering
Slimy/Smooth Water & Earth Healing
Rough Air Scraping
Subtle Air Pervading
Gross Ether Covering
Dense Earth & Water Solidifying
Fluid Water Liquefying