"Prevention Is Better Than Cure"!

What is Ayurveda ?
“Ayurveda” this magic word means “science of life” which gives complete knowledge of a holistic approach to balance the five bodily elements and gives greater understanding of how to keep you healthy physically, mentally and spiritually  for a long life.

Ayurveda is the Ancient Vedic Science of life which brings balance in Mind, Body and Soul through holistic methods, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes. This particular healing science originates from the Indian Vedic books and has more than  6000 years spiritual history.  The aim of Ayurveda is the prevention cure and rejuvenations.
Ayurvedic Diagnosis involves your unique body type analysis, diagnosis of present Imbalances through Pulse diagnosis, Nail Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis along with Ayurvedic clinical examination.

What is Ayurvedic consultation ?
Ayurvedic consultation helps to select particular herbs and natural remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes,  exercise, yoga, meditation, and chakra balancing.
Finding out your Body type and changing your diet & lifestyle suitable to your Body type. Purify your body with detoxification Programme and  Rejuvenating the system.

We can give you herbal remedies for
• Infertility in Men and Women
• Skin diseases
• Respiratory Disorders
• Stress related conditions
• Digestive disorder
• Migraine
• Rheumatism & Arthritis
• Urinary disorder
• Detoxification / Purification
• Hair Loss

Basic Concept of Ayurveda ?
Ayurveda believes that your body is made up of five basic elements whenever there is any disorder these elements become imbalanced and they affect bodily channels and tissues and creates various illnesses in the system.
Ayurvedic  Concept is  improper digestion creating toxins in the systems and these toxins travels into deep tissues and leads to disorders in the vital organs.
So it is very Important to detox your  body regularly to avoid further ongoing disease processes