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Shirodhara in Auckland

Welcome to Authentic Ayurveda!

At Ultimate Ayurveda in Auckland, our senior practitioner Dr Priya Punjabi (BAMS) will help you to improve and maintain health through the natural principles of an ancient science - Ayurveda - still practised throughout India and western world today.

Dr Priya Punjabi specialises in natural fertility and skin health, and has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals of building a family or improve their health including various skin problems like psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema.

Ayurveda uses safe time-tested methods in a comprehensive package:

  • Diet plans
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Herbal remedies
  • Body therapies
  • Detox programs
  • Stress management
  • Yoga

 Whatever your state of health, Ayurveda has solutions to help you feel better - faster and more naturally.


"Your services as Ayurvedic consultant are rare to come across in this western world, unlike others who concentrate on financial gain aspect only, you truly care for your patients and concentrate on their wellbeing. Yours sincerely, P. Singh"


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Client Testimonials

We tried for 3 years but had no luck. I was diagnosed with endometrial cyst and scheduled for surgery; Dr Priya gave me a hope that was going to change my life. I tried the first cycle of treatment and conceived, It was hard in the beginning but results were amazing.

Dr is an angel. Definitely a magician. We came with complete faith and yes it worked for us in just a month time. A big thank to doctor. I will recommend Dr. Priya to someone who needs ayurvedic care because she is a magician. Andrea
We have been blessed with wonderful baby. Thank you for having patience and all your support Dr.Priya. At first I did not believe but after my baby was born I have become a believer of this medicine. Thank you for the patience as at first I did not believe. Pritesh & Nayna
We have been married for the five years and trying to have a baby ever since. Went through fertility treatments which did not bring us any luck. I had 4 months of treatments from Dr. Priya and got to know that I am pregnant on 1st of Jan 2014. Dr. Priya is like “God” to us. Sudari
We are so happy and lucky to have treatment from Dr. Priya as after 9 years we blessed by baby girl which is just a miracle. Nicely narrated medicines and well explained treatment. We recommend her for ayurvedic care as she is the only one for the best. Vijay
I now have a lovely baby boy that was conceived after taking Dr. Priya’s medications for only a month. My son is now 9 months old and is a joy to be around. Thank you heaps Dr. Priya She is very kind hearted person and will listen to your issues and give genuine treatment. Dr. Priya also treated my son’s vitiligo and is much better now. Shobhna
It was like “No words” when we met Dr. Priya at the first time. We were trying for last 3 ½ years then we came to Dr. God ( Priya) she gave us the right advise, medicine trust to have faith in Ayurveda. Will recommend her as she knows what to do at what time. I will recommend her without any doubt in the mind. Amit
I delivered a baby girl after treating just for a month with Dr. Priya Punjabi. Lots of thanks to her. She is a wonderful doctor. Definitely the treatment is very effective and she is a smart, experienced doctor. Shaheen
I was trying to conceive desperately along the side of my hormonal changes in the body which was affecting my health. Ayurvedic medicine definitely helps to conceive and I got my dream baby with change my personal life. And now I am happy with my baby. Thanks to Priya. Shayla
I have taken treatments for 3-4 months and Dr. Priya was very supportive and full of encouragement while we took our herbal remedies and we are positive that had lot to do with our success with IVF. Now we have gorgeous baby of 10 months old. Irene
My experience with Dr. Priya Punjabi. I visited her for only 2 months and I am very happy with Priya’s treatment and God gave me baby boy. I am very thankful to Priya. Harvinder
I would like to share my experience: My wife and I consulted Dr. Priya regarding pregnancy issues as well as skin rash. Both issues were inter-related and the PCOS. Dr. Priya treated my wife and within 5 months my wife conceived. She also cured skin rash at the same time. We consulted 2 skin specialists in the past but no results today significant improvements and have cute baby of 3 days old. She is also treating my cholesterol issues and giving post natal care to my wife. Abhishek
Thank you doctor Priya. She solved my problem. I was conceiving only girls for 12 years. My friend advised me to come to Dr. Priya and she explained some ayurvedic facts and so within a month I conceived and found out it’s a baby Boy. Thank you very much Dr. Priya you changed my life and took me out from depression after 3 girls I got a baby boy. Sarabjit
My experience is excellent. I have taken Dr. Priya’s treatment for 6 months, after my first consultation I felt so positive and after starting the medications felt positive changes in my body. My body was getting detoxified and in 6 months, we got good news. Dr. Priya thank you very much. You are supportive, thank you. Dhanashree
I had taken treatment only for one month and I have conceived. My great thanks to Dr. Priya and her advice. She was great support to me. Advised me to follow a good diet which was not only helped me to conceive but has improved my health and mind. Thank you dr. Priya. Trishna
I had a beautiful son on 9th December 2012 with a missed carriage before that. Only after 3 months treatment I got conceived and was very happy. I cannot believe within a year it took and hope for anyone who would love kids and wanted to have one would recommend everyone, because it works and in no matter time you will have a beautiful god’s gift by Priya ji Manpreet
Dear Priyaji Thanks so much for your treatment and encouragement. You have provided along all these period which gave us ray of hope again. We both are so excited now and waiting for new member in our family. We know words won’t be able to express our gratitude. We know you will be enlightening many more life ahead. Kiran
My experience with Dr. Priya. I visited for fertility treatments in month of Feb 2011 and was taken treatment only for 3 months and fell pregnant in May 2011. It was the best feeling ever as my husband and I have been trying for last 6 years with no luck. Thanks to Dr. Priya our dream has finally come true!! Thanks Million Dr Priya!! L.Dale

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